Wild Boar Recipes

they won’t win any beauty pageants but they sure cook up nice

As you know from the video we posted yesterday of my interview with Perth farmers, wild boar are actually wild critters. The farmers who raise them put up fences but they don’t actively farm them. The boars are left to their own devices pretty much all their lives and can forage and dig for as many roots, nuts and berries as they please. Thus the meat of the animal is markedly tastier than regular pork and can be prepared in the same ways you do cuts of pork. Here are a few great recipes I like to use when cooking with wild boar meat.

I’m sorry to talk about braising when summer is still upon us, but on a rainy day like today I think I can get away with it. Saveur’s recipe for Braised Wild Boar calls for Reisling and instructs you to whisk cream into the reduced cooking liquids at the end. This is a dish that will become a staple in your repertoire as soon as you taste it. So easy to make and unbelievably good.

Direwolf puppies

If you love ribs and Game of Thrones then this next recipe is just for you. Food Republic is one of the best food websites around, here’s their post on Baratheon Boar Ribs, reprinted from the Game of Thrones Cookbook.

Yes. There is a Game of Thrones Cookbook. It has recipes for Direwolf Beef and Bacon Pie, Braavosian Frog Legs, Bran’s Venison Burger and Stark Spiced Wine. Buy your copy today!

This recipe for Wild Boar Shanks from Food and Wine has some Eastern influence, the shanks are braised with anise, cloves, cinnamon, palm sugar and soy. They are perfect served over rice with some stir-fried bok choy or gai lan. Enjoy with a glass of robust Syrah.

Wild Boar Char Siu

Not only is Hank Shaw a hunter, angler, gardener and cook, he’s also a great writer. I just go to his site to read but I often end up making the recipe he’s featuring on that particular post. This dish of Wild Boar Char Siu is one such recipe. It is incredible. Lucky for us, Shaw has got himself another book deal. He’s working on a definitive cookbook about ducks and geese, look for it in the fall of 2013. The photo above is by one of my favourite food photographers, Holly A. Heyser, check out more of her work here.

There are a few recipes to get you inspired to cook with wild boar. Once you go wild you’ll never go mild!


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