Stonework: Using Nooks & Crannies

This casual assembly of flat rocks allows nepeta seeds to find spots for self-germination.

Stonework in the garden offers great opportunities for using nooks and crannies as planting spaces. You can plant  small specimens between the stones, and also let the plants self-sow in places it wants to. This works well when you plant an easygoing opportunist, like the purple ornamental catnip (Nepeta) as in the photo left. Its light frothy flowers look their best when they have something to spill over. Adding height by edging your garden in stone allows this spilly effect, making your garden appear lush and abundant.

The stones help to heat up the soil in the spring, providing the plants a micro-climate as the sun warms the stones.

Perennial plants that love self-sowing amongst stones are nepeta, all types of columbine, delicate yellow corydalis lutea, and annual alyssum. I wouldn’t be without any of these in the garden, as the way they multiply help you to increase your garden, thriftily.

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