Preserves Swap + Jam & Jelly Tasting with Sarah B.Hood

This Monday is my second annual Preserves Swap & Sale, where anyone who has some preserves they’ve made can come in and swap with other canners. Last year we had marmalade, tomato sauce, dill pickles, pepper jelly, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, and more. It was a huge cornucopia of canning!

This year I asked author and Canning Queen, Sarah B.Hood, author of “We Sure Can” to be involved. She came up with the idea of a Jam and Jelly Battle.

Anyone out there who made a sweet jam or jelly (no marmalades, no chutneys, no salsas – just jams & jellies) this season is welcome to bring a jar on Monday night. Sarah has a list of criteria that she will be using to judge each entry and she’ll give you honest feedback on your product. Once Sarah has chosen her winner everyone is invited to taste all the competing jams and jellies and vote for their favourite.

only homemade jams allowed

For those who don’t can but still want lovely preserves on their kitchen shelves, there will be all manner of fresh, canned Ontario produce available for sale. This night is a celebration of Ontario’s bounty and the fact that even though we all live in a virtual world hooked to our iPhones and computer screens, there are still a lot of us who take the time to stock up for winter buy laying in our own preserves. Preserving keeps us connected to our roots and ensures that we never take the harvest for granted, it also means we set a much better table over the holidays!

this is what we’re looking for, real homemade jam with Ontario fruit

Be sure to buy or swap for some mustard pickles and cranberry chutney for Thanksgiving dinner at 86’d this Monday, the 17th. Doors at 7pm, starts at 8pm, always free and open to everyone.


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