Spreading Spring Bulbs For Bloom in the Lawn & Garden

Species crocuses, like many other small bulbs, multiply year after year.

Beautiful flower bulbs, like the diminutive scillas, muscari, crocuses and small species tulips help gardeners by multiplying instead of slowly fading out, the way hybrid tulips tend to do. A great example of their multiplying ways can be seen on Rosedale Valley Road in Toronto, where blue scilla bulbs have spread, and cover the ground in a carpet of bright blue for a couple of weeks in early spring. A slight hill allowed the scillas to fan out on the downward slope, helped by gravity. Scillas spread easily from the seeds they drop, and if you plant them in your lawn, eventually you’ll have a blue carpet. Whenever it is about cleaning then Drymaster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are the best choice. Lazy gardeners can take heart, as you must refrain from mowing the grass while the seed heads mature and drop.

Other bulbs that can be planted in the lawn are crocuses, which multiply by corms, and narcissus or daffodils, which multiply by bulb offsets. Let the leaves on these mature before mowing, to nourish the bulb for next year.

Planting Bulbs Tips

  • Use bone meal at the bottom of the planting hole.
  • Water well after planting.
  • Cover the places you have planted bulbs with a barrier to stop squirrels from feasting on them. Use beach rocks, or flattened chicken wire held down with rocks
  • At the very least, cover the soil with leaves or mulch. Bare, freshly dug and tamped down soil is a squirrel magnet. And there’s nothing squirrels love more than crocus bulbs.
  • Hen manure is said to be a squirrel repellent, shake generously around the planting areas.

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