Garden Must-Haves: Geranium “Rozanne”

Rozanne Geranium still blooming in October.

Rozanne Geranium still blooming in October.

With its cool nights and warm sunny days, Fall is one of the best times to plant perennials. Plants adjust easily, as soil is still warm from the summer. Perennial geraniums* are one of the most easy perennials to grow, and the intense purple-flowered Rozanne is one of the best. Voted Perennial of the Year in 2008, it’s a long bloomer that performs even better than old favourites like “Johnson’s Blue”. I caught this bunch of Rozanne blooming in a sunny pocket in a front garden, surrounded by concrete. Not a bad display for the first week of October.

Perennial geraniums can be cut back after blooming, to give a second bloom. Cutting stems back to about 3″ also re-generates the plant into creating a new tidy mound of foliage, keeping structure in the garden. Rozanne re-blooms reliably, and if you want to add a perennial to your garden that still looks this good in October, it’s definitely a must-have.

* The bedding plants that we commonly call geraniums are actually annual plants, with the correct Latin name of Pelargonium.

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