Garden Must-Have: Fragrant, Tasty Garlic Chives

white, star shaped garlic chive flowers

Garlic isn’t always savoury. Garlic Chive flowers are sweet!

Walking past a front yard garden, a wonderful sweet scent wafted towards me. I’m always on the lookout (smellout?) for fine garden smells, and I tried to detect where it was coming from. The only thing in flower were the garlic chives in the picture above. A nose-close-up test surprised me by proving that it was indeed the garlic chives that smelled so sweet. The flowers aren’t too shabby either, little white stars on the top of the flattish garlic chive stalks.

Leaves and stalks of garlic chives, known by its Latin name,  Allium Tuberosum, are used as a culinary herb, with a mild garlicky flavour rather than a chive-y one. They are featured in Chinese and other Asian cuisines. The Chinese call garlic chives kow choi. As they can be expensive to buy, they are a great addition to your herb garden, and of course the flower garden too. Even if you don’t cook with them, you’ll have the fragrance to enjoy, along with attractive white flowers.

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