Holiday Alert: Evergreens Make a Festive Entrance

urn with berries and evergreen boughs for the holidays

Urn overflows with berries, pinecones, and evergreen fronds.

A new season is in force. Spilling over at garden centres, you’ll see (and smell) boughs of cedar, fir and juniper, decorative branches in all colours, faux fruits, red berries and rosehips, and a myriad sparkly and festive items tell us it’s almost Holiday time. Whether you want to design your own winter planters, or buy one pre-made, (Fiesta has some beautiful ones, made by our own planter designer, John) we have the fresh goods for the festive season: many types of holiday decorations you won’t find elsewhere. Festooned evergreens and winter fruits reassure us that growing things aren’t stopped by a few cold snaps, and that spring always returns after a cold winter. Get inspired to create an evergreen statement at your front door: it will cheer you on the darkest of winter days.

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