Holiday Inspiration: Grape-vine Spheres

Large decorative ball or sphere made of grape vines.

With grapevine spheres, the bigger, the better.

Sometimes one unique object will  top off your home holiday decorations perfectly. Elegant spheres made of grape vines come in all sizes. Try an enormous one, with lights inside, or wrapped around. Hang it from a tree, a porch edge, or simply rest it on a patio table. A collection of smaller spheres with holiday lights look great hanging from a tree, shrub, or porch front, at different levels. Good thing with grape vine decorations, they will last year after year, unlike evergreens.

Sphere nestled into evergreens, with fruit and pine cones.

Sphere nestled into evergreens, with fruit and pine cones.

Fiesta Gardens has something new this year—spheres carved out of ragged wood—rustic-looking and unusual, with a natural texture.


Orange curly willow, or white can make a statement all on their own.

If you are designing a planter, pick the biggest one, and stuff it with twigs, berries and evergreen fronds. (Even a planter filled with twigs alone looks elegant, with or without lights.) Large scaled objects create a bold display, following the “One Big Thing” design rule.  That is, one big thing provides a simple and easy focal point that maximizes your design statement. Have fun with your holiday decorating! Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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