The Mega Quarry

You may have heard that the “Mega-Quarry” in Melancthon will not be built after all.

For most Ontario people in the farming community, and for the tens of thousands of activists who have opposed the plan to dig the 937-hectare quarry in the fertile farms of Melancthon Township, this is welcome news.

For over two years now, farmers, chefs like Michael Stadlander and Jamie Kennedy and concerned citizens from all over have voiced their opposition to this project through events like 2011’s Foodstock and this year’s Soupstock.

Thus when the announcement came on November 21 that Highland Corporation was abandoning their plans for the massive dig, citing a lack of support from the community and the call for an environmental assessment, most in the community breathed a sigh of relief, and a little swell of hope in the belief that protest and activism can be effective tools against huge corporate interests.  Of course there will be those who are disappointed with this news, but when you are promoting the earth-friendly philosophies of eating local and respecting the farming community you can’t help but be overjoyed.

This was a win for all those who organized, initiated and worked tirelessly to ensure that this area is not destroyed forever, and all who attended any of these events and or made their concerns known to the levels of industry and government should be congratulated.

Though there is still work to be done, on so many levels, -and even still in Melancthon as Highland hasn’t totally put the kybosh on opening a smaller quarry-it encouraging to see peaceful, thoughtful, well-intentioned and well-organized activism implement change; believing this can help to sustain the die-hards, keep the newbie from becoming complacent, inspire the cynics to get off their duffs and the industrial behemoths to get off our farms.

Food should come from a local source. Rocks, not so much.

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