We Say “Let Food Live:” Here’s Why…


Take a look inside your fridge. No, really look. My guess is it’s not too pretty in there. Wilting greens, shrivelled cheese, mushy fruit. Sound familiar?

Old food isn’t just an assault on the senses, it’s a waste of money and damaging to the environment. In fact Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland says:

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was, obviously, a national tragedy. Yet every year we squander 70 times that amount of petroleum through a simple, preventable source: wasted food.

Recent stats report that 40% of all our food ends up in the trash. That’s just less than half of what we eat. We can do better.

We’re kicking off a series dedicated to reducing how much of our food finds its way into the garbage.

Here’s how we’ll be helping you reduce your food waste:

  • We’re running a Fiesta Farms Twitter contest where you’ll be asked to submit your best food saving tips in 140 characters or less to win a Fiesta Farms gift certificate. All you’ve got to do is use the hashtag #letfoodlive. Contest ends Dec 10th.
  • Great blog posts on everything from using your leftovers to reorganizing your fridge
  • A video from Andrew Nisker (the filmmaker who brought you Garbage!) to consider the huge role food plays in generating waste with some tips from the expert himself
  • Ongoing content all about how you can do more while wasting less
  • And we’re getting it all started by featuring some helpful tips and a call to action on the back of our favourite magazine, Edible Toronto  (and featured above)

If it sounds like the kind of New Years’ resolution you can get behind, follow the series and chime in with all of your best ideas.

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