The Best Tweets From Our #LetFoodLive Twitter Contest


Everyone at Fiesta Farms would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those that participated in our “Let Food Live” Twitter contest. We certainly received some ingenious -and delicious- tips on how to minimize food waste, and we hope you, our valued readers will give some of these clever ideas a try!

It’s not easy to condense a great idea into 140 characters or less, but you did. The winners of a twenty-five dollar gift certificate from Fiesta Farms are:

Advocate of real food and sustainable food systems,” Carrie Nicols, (@carienicols),

the good folks at The Depanneur (@theDepanneur)

and  “writer and space cadet Phoebe Wang(@alittleprint)

From drying and blending herbs to use throughout the winter, or re-creating leftovers into fabulous dinners, desserts, snacks & stocks, these three topped our list with creative and prolific suggestions.

I have to say that my favourite suggestion may be the one from @PillyJ who advises, “don’t shop on an empty stomach…” Good advice indeed, we’ve all been there, and ended up with a shopping cart full of junk food!

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to everyone who shared their great ideas with us, here is a round-up of some of the great suggestions that are floating about in the twittersphere. Give them a go!


#LetFoodLive @fiestafarms Herbs gone wild in the garden? Hang & dry extras at end of season for custom herb blending and gifting!


@fiestafarms roast aging zuchinni, peppers, eggplants for sandwiches & salads, with $1 pint baskets on last-sale grocer shelves #letfoodlive


@fiestafarms cold mashed potatoes can be mixed with an egg, cheese & herbs, formed into patties & refried for hashbrowns #letfoodlive


@fiestafarms Create a menu plan to maximize and use up all your ingredients #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms leftovers: rice = fried rice; potatoes = frittata; stew = soup; risotto = arancini; burgers = bolognese#LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms bread ends go in a paper bag to dry out. When full, time for bread pudding, stuffing or breadcrumbs#LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms potato & carrot peels, onion ends, celery tops, any misc veg go in a bag in the freezer; when full, veggie stock #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms Chop up leftover spices, add a liquid (stock/oil), freeze in ice cube trays – use in soups or stir-frys as needed #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms I freeze things like tomato paste and chiles in adobo flat in a ziploc, then break chunks off as I need#LetFoodLive


RT @carrienicols: @fiestafarms #LetFoodLive got green onions? Save the white ends, put them in a glass jar, in water…greens will grow continuously! Yum.


Stop food waste w/ these tips from @andrewnisker #LetFoodLive


Dark greens & wheat berry panzanella recipe to get you through an indulgent season, using one of my #letfoodlive tips:


Boil china in milk to repair hairline cracks. #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms Canning fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to preserve, and not too hard either.#LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms Blend leftover veggies from the night before into soup for lunch! (Root veggies are the best)#LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms Save day old bread to use as breadcrumbs #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms buy less, only what u can eat, don’t shop on an empty stomach; leftovers can b frozen 4 baking, soups or smoothies #letfoodlive


Give flimsy carrots & celery their crunch back by placing them in ice water & a slice of raw potato #LetFoodLive


@fiestafarms last tip today: the rind of a end of parmesan can be tossed in a pot of minestone as a cook’s treat#letfoodlive


@fiestafarms save the vinegar from a jar of pickles for making highly flavourful vinaigrette dressings #letfoodlive


@fiestafarms pour leftover green tea over that last crusty scoop of rice and reheat for a late-night Japanese snack#letfoodlive


@fiestafarms toast stale bread in oil olive for salads with parm cheese, grape tomatoes, basil. #letfoodlive


@fiestafarms #letfoodlive If you have fruit that’s going mushy and about to die, don’t worry! Put it in a smoothie, fruit crisp or pie.

What are some of your best tips for making the most of the food your purchase for your home? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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