Easy Holiday Flowers: Amaryllis

This Amaryllis is growing at Allan Gardens in Conservatory in Toronto, part of their Holiday Show.

Do you want a flowering plant with magnificent blooms over the holidays? No home should be without an Amaryllis or two, or three. (They look especially good with 3 bulbs in a large container.) They are one of the easiest plants to grow, even for the brownest of thumbs. The giant flower bulb, like all bulbs, contains the germ of the entire flower, so there is no way it can fail to bloom. It makes a great gift, that lasts for years.

Plant the bulb half way (top half of bulb should stick out) in a container, with good potting soil, like ProMix or any other soilless mix. Give it some water and put in a cool, bright area. Don’t water again for a week or so while the bulb grows roots. Once the flower stalk is up, bring it where you want to enjoy the flowers. A cool room will prolong the blooms. You can cover the soil around the bulb with moss, or plant some ivy alongside the bulb. A few twigs of red dogwood look great as well. Cut flower stalk off after flowering, but keep leaves. Keep watering and leave in bright area. Put the bulb outside for the summer to re-generate, and you will have more flowers next winter.

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