Detox Before New Year’s Eve

This is the time of year when we are most susceptible to colds and flu. During the holidays we are stressed, drinking too much, eating too much and not enough of it green or healthy foods, and generally just being brats. Add in the cold weather and you’ve got a perfect recipe for nasty cold. The last thing we want is to be standing at the big New Year’s Eve bash with a runny nose and pounding headache. The only headaches we want are the ones that are self-inflicted and scheduled for Jan.1st. To ensure you are in optimum shape for the party of the year here are a few ways to blast your body with health.

Raid the clementines! These little orange beauties are everywhere during the holidays and they will do you a lot better than a box of chocolates or cup of eggnog. Eat them nonstop, they are delicious and sweet and good for you. They don’t require any cooking time or prep (other than a quick peel) and will give your body a nice dose of Vitamin C.

Red Quinoa

Load up on superfoods like quinoa and kale. Cook up a batch of quinoa, the easiest thing in the world to cook, and start adding it to your salads (yes, salads, you’re going to have to up the salad intake this weekend) and soups. Quinoa is a high quality protein with nine essential amino acids. Here is a great quinoa salad recipe that incorporates sweet potato (B6, Vitamin C &D) and pomegranate (powerful antioxidant). Eat this for lunch tomorrow and you’ll feel like a new person. 

Kale can seem a little too healthy, it’s such a tough green to eat, but if you blitz it up you get all the benefits of eating it raw without having to look like a masticating dinosaur. Green Power Pesto is great as a dip for crudite, tossed with pasta, as a garnish over cooked chicken or fish, even mixed into brothy soups. My favourite way to use it is as a spread on a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, delicious. Just look at the simple list of ingredients; kale, basil and garlic. All killer no filler. 

Put down that festive bottle of bourbon buddy, it’s time you spend a little quality time with a wheatgrass smoothie. Here’s a handy guide to growing your own at home. Wheatgrass is a living green that isn’t just for hippies and body builders, it’s time you tried this incredibly powerful ingredient. Head to the nearest quality juice bar and order a long tall glass of detoxifying wheatgrass, it will not taste as good as the champagne you’re planning to chug for New Year’s, but it will ensure that your delicate little tastebuds are in tip top shape. Suck it up! It could save your life.

Yay for wheatgrass!

If you can manage to fit some clementines, quinoa, kale and wheatgrass into your diet this weekend then you’ve got a good chance the nasty cold and flu bugs won’t be taking you down. Instead of being reduced to a sneezing, coughing disaster you’ll be a witty, enchanting party guest flaunting your glossy hair, clear eyes and glowing skin, to welcome in 2013.

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