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Kimchi, the traditional  fermented Korean vegetable dish, is one of the healthiest foods out there.  Korea’s national dish, it is often made with cabbage, garlic, radish, scallions and chili, and is eaten as a side dish, a main, or as an ingredient in stews, soups and fried rice. In Korea there are easily over 100 variations of kimchi, depending on the region; some are spicier, some have more salt, other varieties use different vegetables and varieties of cabbage, with napa cabbage being the most commonly used ingredient.

Gluten free,  this super food is full of minerals, vitamins, probiotics and lactic acid bacteria due to the fermentation.  

 One of the best things about getting acquainted with a new food is trying out the different styles and recipes, from restaurants or supermarkets, and we have found one of our favourite kimchis is the Dandelion Kimchi made by Live Organic Raw.


Live Organic Food Bar, Toronto’s first gourmet raw and vegan restaurant at 264 Dupont Street was opened by Jennifer and Christopher Italiano in 2002 and is still going strong. In fact, they are so popular that in 2010 they expanded production and now many of their products are sold throughout the country, including their fabulous Dandelion Kimchi, a recipe perfected and contributed by long time employee Gaby.


We contacted Tara Thomson from live organic raw  to find out a little more about this wonderful product, and were delighted to find out that they are opening another location!


How did you come up with the recipe for the Dandelion Kimchi?

The Original Kimchi recipe was based on a traditional Korean recipe. It was developed by Gaby and directed by Jenn. Gaby is an employee who has worked with us from the beginning. Hence the name Gaby’s Kimchi. The Dandelion version was Jenn’s idea. The Kimchi has been used and sold at the restaurant for almost 10 yrs.


When did you start selling the kimchi in stores?

We started bottling and selling the original flavor to stores two years ago. The Dandelion version has been in stores for a year.


Where is the new location and when can we expect it to open?

Our new Location, called ‘LIVE’ only, is at Atlantic and King Street and will open mid March. It will be a take out with some seating and a store with green/cool organic products including an amazing organic make-up line that we will announce soon.


What other products do you sell or plan to market in the future?

Our complete line of dehydrated raw products are listed on the website. You can see a complete description of each item, like Rainbow Kale Salad, Veggie Bibimbap, Sunflower Seed Pate & Carrot Spice Cake, there under products.


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