Sowing Seeds at the Right Time


tomato seedlings

The growing season officially starts when you see those first seedlings poking up through the soil.

If you grow your own flowers and vegetables from seed, it’s best to know when to start. Too late and you can’t take advantage of the full growing season. Too early and you end up with leggy tomato plants that have nowhere to go because it’s still too cold to plant outside.

Here is a handly calculator that takes all the guesswork out of the equation. It’s designed to adapt to whatever location, and thus climate information you are dealing with. The designer of this great application is Dave Whitinger— the Dave from Dave’s Garden, with whom you may be familiar if you’ve ever done any plant-related Googling. He now runs All Things Plants, where you’ll find the calculator. This link to the planting calculator will take you to Toronto’s location, but you can key in any other location you like.

Happy growing!


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