Springing Forward With Snow…Drops

Snowdrops in bloom

The first sign of life in the garden, the pristine snowdrop.

Just in time for the clocks to make their arbitrary jump, the first green things in the garden have popped up. It always seems like a miracle—when winter isn’t even over—to see flowers blooming in the garden, especially pure, white, snowdrops. A glowingly, delicate flower, one that cheerfully blooms when snow is still on the ground—blooming even before the official date of spring, when city snow is ugly, brown, and crusty. It’s a welcome antidote: one of the best spring greetings there is.

My snowdrops have been popping up since February, and every day I see another one. They make me want to lie on the ground and gaze up at their nodding, graceful white flowers. They make me want to be two inches tall to really get the full view. Getting up close and personal to take this shot, I noticed that even the crocuses were “on deck”; they’d poked their leaf tips through the soil. But why wait for crocuses, when you can have snowdrops in February and March? If you don’t have some in your garden, get some. Make a note in your fall calendar to buy some snowdrop bulbs. Your spring will always be a little sweeter.

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