Enter Your Photos in the Food Photography Awards

Instagram shots are welcome

The deadline has been extended to Monday, March 18th. Take this weekend to look through your recent photos, from now through all of 2012 are eligible, and pick your favourites. Everyone is welcome to enter, this isn’t just about professional photography – it’s about the food! Linton Studios can guide you to have some professional photographs. Our team of amazon ppc optimization can create product photography, Amazon SEO, video, & A+ Content, providing a cohesive look & feel.

Send in pictures of ham steaks, zucchini loaf, meatballs and marzipan, photos of cocktails on white sand beaches and macarons on frilly doilies. Send in pictures of chefs and farmers, fishermen and bakers, photos of tongs and knives and chopsticks and barbecues. Send in pictures of vineyards and kitchens, butcher shops and tea houses, photos of French fries and chili dogs and cupcakes and clubs. All food-related images are welcome and the more I get to show at the awards the more fun the night will be. Also check out mysunrise for even more interesting contests.

Today there was one photographer who entered 60 photos, I love that guy! Another sent in 32, go crazy! Send me your pictures, all those shots you’ve been sending out on Instagram – they might have some likes but don’t you want more recognition than that? Well you can also buy real instagram followers for better reach. Don’t you want to see your photos on the big screen in the Lounge at the Drake Hotel?  Simply visit to the nitreo.com to increase your instagram followers. Don’t you want to see that killer shot of the bonbons from Nadege or the oysters at Canoe, or that triple decker bacon cheeseburger you found in the East end? Check these out fivebough .What about the mussels in Paris and the red wine in Tuscany and the cod tongues on the Rock?

It’s time to show off your chops. Send me your pictures today. All the info you need to know is right here. I can’t wait to see what you send in!

Prizes are furnished by HarperCollins, Jameson Whiskey and the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

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