Very Early Spring Bulbs: Get More!

Early blooming species crocus Violet Queen.

Early blooming species crocus: Violet Queen.

While tulips and daffodils are wonderful as spring warms up, it’s the earliest bloomers in the garden that are really worth their weight in gold. I’m talking the small, early bulbs: snowdrops, species crocus, scillas.

Every year, in late March and early April, these delicate beauties pushing up out of the soil are balm for the soul. The shocking contrast of brightness and colour when everything else is still brown and dead looking is hard proof that winter is really over and spring has begun. I make a mental note to remember to plant more of these come fall.

One way to make sure your garden gets filled with more spring glory, is to buy the pots in bloom now. Enjoy the flowers, either indoors or in planters outside. Then when soil warms up in a couple of weeks, upturn the pot, and plant the bulbs, soil and all in empty spaces around your garden. You’ll be taking care of a fall chore in the spring. The great benefit to this spring bulb planting is, you can see where you have bare spots. Bulbs that will work for this method are crocuses, grape hyacinths, regular hyacinths, and daffodils. Cover your planting holes with a few beach rocks, especially crocuses, to keep squirrels from making a meal of them.


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