Pristine White: Spring Crocuses

These crocuses dazzle with a splash of heavenly white.

This group of flawless, white crocuses stopped me in my tracks on a rare sunny afternoon this week. While purple and yellow crocuses are a welcome treat for the eyes, starved for actual colour in early spring, the pure white of this gleaming, white crocus drew me like a magnet. Radiant yellow stamens glowed in the interior. I made a mental note to plant some groups of white crocuses in my garden next fall.

Why this planting works so well, is that the crocuses are planted close together in a clump. All bulbs appear at their best when planted in close groupings rather than spotted singly. A great way to get this effect is to buy crocus in pots in spring, (meaning: right now, if your ground is soft enough), dig holes in bare spots, and tuck them into your garden. Next fall, your planting will already be done.

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