Eco-Lawn Seed: Let the Seeding Begin!

eco lawn grass

Eco-Lawn isn’t your ordinary thirsty, gas-guzzling lawn.

The whirlwind of spring has begun. And it’s the ideal time to seed my big green bag of Eco-Lawn grass seed! Eco-Lawn germinates best when temperatures are 55-70 degrees F, which makes late April and early May—right now—the perfect time. Eco Lawn and any other grass seed won’t germinate during the very hot summer. Grass likes it cool.

I have a very challenging spot in the back yard. It’s got some patchy grass, and lots of bald spots. It’s possibly more bald than grassy. I’ve tried using regular shade grass, over several seasons, with pretty terrible results. The conditions are rough: the grass competes with Norway Maple roots, and deep shade. The soil is also very sandy, so doesn’t hold nutrients. This year I am seeding with Eco Lawn. It’s described as the “ultimate low-maintenance drought-tolerant lawn”, and it was developed in Canada by Wildflower Farm. It’s a mix of seven different types of Fescue grasses, which will grow in poor soil and shade. Perfect for my conditions.

The Benefits of Grass Sown with Eco-Lawn

You don’t need to mow Eco-Lawn, it bends under its own weight. You could almost say it “flops elegantly”. The blades of grass are very fine, making a loose, wavy texture.  Once established, the long roots delve deep for water, creating a sustainable,  green carpet. Eco Lawn’s mix of fescue grasses require 75% less water than a traditional lawn. It will grow in sun or shade.

I can’t wait to get started. I will update the blog with my lawn progress throughout the spring and early summer.




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