The Heart & Soul of Fiesta Farms

Vito has been with Fiesta Farms for twenty-six years. He’s the man who helps you get your groceries out to the car in blazing sun and freezing rain. He’s the guy whistling “Tiko Tiko” and “Return to Me” when you walk up to grab a cart.

Everyone knows and loves Vito so much in fact that they demanded we write a tribute to him on this site.

Well, we’re more than happy to oblige. Here he is folks, in his own words-

Interview with Vito Caputo

How do you feel about the people who come to Fiesta Farms?

All the regular customers know me and they are happy when they see me. They say “Vito, can you whistle a song for me?” They tell me I cheer them up.

Some ask for me on my days off. I just like to look after my customers and make sure they’re happy.

What changes have you seen in the types of groceries people buy over the years?

People want Ontario food and the organic products sell well. Lots of people buy organic now.

What are some of your favourite foods in the store?

Barbecue chicken from the deli, mortadella, salami, harvarti cheese, olives…

What about at home?

My wife’s roast chicken and gravy. I like apple pie for dessert but for Italian dessert – cannolis. We eat them after dinner with espresso or capuccino. We had them just the other night at my mother’s. They are delicious.

When did you start to whistle?

I started whistling when I was five years old. I love to whistle songs for the customers. All my songs are in my mouth, sometimes I don’t know what is going to come out. The kids love to hear Christmas music, but I also do Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, you name it.

Has your whistling talent ever been recognized?

My wife and I went to Barbados for our honeymoon and the hotel had a talent show. All sorts of people with different talents got up. Some singing, some dancing. I was the last one to go up and I whistled some South American music. They loved it so much I performed it twice and I won first prize.

After people would come over to me when I was at the pool and ask me to whistle and take my picture.

Thank you Vito, for sharing your wonderful gift for music with everyone you meet, you certainly do cheer us up.

Do you have your own Vito story? A favourite song perhaps? Please let us know in the comments section:

“Vito always asks how I am” John Corbett from Facebook

“Vito is Fiesta Farms. Welcoming, caring, helpful….so many words I could use.” Debby Nunes from Facebook

“He always lends a hand when I’m shlepping boxes of magazines/food. Everyone LOVES Vito!” @edibleTORONTO from Twitter

“Vito is how we know it’s a proper classic grocery store and not a chain. He is commitment to the small things and this changes everything. He is a spiritual warrior.” Erika Schweizenheimer from Facebook

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