Four-In-One Apple Tree Extends Apple Season

4-in-1 apple tree

For those with small gardens who want to grow fruit, a 4-in-1 apple tree solves many problems.

With so many wonderful apple varieties, how do you decide which apple tree to plant; especially in a small property, where garden space is precious? It has to be a variety that you absolutely love because if all goes well, you will be swimming in apples. The perfect solution is a grafted apple tree, with 4 or 5 varieties growing on one tree.  Four-in-One or Five-In-One fruit trees grow with different combinations of fruits, and having the variety on one tree makes the decision easier. You’ll get a Macintosh, and someone else in your family will get their favourite Golden Delicious, or Honeycrisp.

Because of the many varieties on one rootstock, the multi-grafted apple tree is self-pollinating. That’s another space-saving feature: you only need one apple tree.

The additional benefit—which is huge one—is that the varied apple varieties will ripen at different times, so you will have early, middle and late season apples. You won’t be inundated all at once. It’s a smart way to add a fruit tree to your small edible garden. Your Four-In-One apple tree basically functions like a mini orchard. One of these Four-In-Ones is definitely going in my garden.

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