Night Market Vendor Profile: Rossy Earle

Over the next few weeks we are going to profile some of the vendors who’ll be participating in the Stop’s June fundraiser, The Night Market. Fiesta Farms is a proud sponsor and is helping to supply food to the vendors.
The Night Market was so popular last year that organizers decided to add a second night this year, the two night event sold out in two hours!


Rossy Earle is the chef behind the super popular SupiCucu hot sauce

Name: Rossy Earle, SupiCucu


How long have you been cooking? Since I was eight years old, I’ve been cooking professionally for twenty five years.


Were you involved in last year’s Stop Night Market?  Yes, I was involved and it went really well for me. I made over 800 portions and sold out quickly.

As a busy chef why do you choose to take part in this event to help raise funds for the Stop? I can’t always contribute money but I can donate my time & my craft to help raise money and awareness for an establishment that strives to provide nutritious food as well as education & support for the community

What food will you be making for the market this year? I’ll be making Panamanian Carimañolas. They are cassava dough dumplings filled with pork then fried.

Rossy’s dish is like a Panamanian Pogo

How did you decide on that recipe? I always like to make things that are different & interesting, preferably unusual for the Canadian palate. So most times it is something from Panama or Latin America.


What factors were you thinking of when coming up with your menu? While I want to do something that is fresh I also try to make sure it doesn’t require a lot of handling & on site preparation to avoid backed up lines at my stand.


Any advice for attendees about how to get the most out of an event like this? If you come in groups, divide & conquer. Each person can stand in line at a different vendor & then you can meet up after to share all the items. 

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