Palm oil has no place in our butter supply

Have you found your butter harder to spread at room temperature? While you might think that’s due to the fact that it’s cold outside, it is potentially caused by something else entirely – palm oil!

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?!

We looked into all the details surrounding #buttergate, so you can be well informed before you make your next butter purchase. Continue »


Sophia Roe appreciates the true beauty of the humble cabbage, why don’t the rest of us?

Cabbage gets no respect. It is possibly the most versatile veggie in existence and yet it doesn’t get nearly as much love as the carrot or the broccoli. Come on people – let’s show the cabbage some love.

Today it’s all about the killer cabbage content. Continue »

Local Brands: Limonana

Meet local entrepreneurs enriching Toronto’s flavour profile. 

Véronique Perez is the creator of Limonana, a unique drink she used to serve at her beloved Crêpes à GoGo café at Bloor and Bedford. Chef Véronique, as she’s known to her many loyal customers, made the drink fresh every morning. One day a customer suggested she bottle it. Continue »

The Wonderful World of Bean Dips

Be brave like Joan of Arc – make a bean dip.

We all need more recipes that we can make quickly, that require no cooking and that fulfill some amount of healthiness. Enter the bean dip. Literally open a can chock full of life-giving nutrients, give it a blitz in the food processor and you are set for life – well, if not life, then at least lunch. Continue »

Hello Dream Pie

Orange Dream Pie, photo by jennifer Crawford

It’s one month into 2021 and we’re doing okay, all things considered. It’s time we gave ourselves a pat on the back – we can do this. We’re almost at the end of January, Valentine’s Day chocolates are practically just around the corner. Until then we deserve a treat, and seeing as it is high citrus season – Meyer lemons are in store, plump Ruby grapefruits are bouncing down the aisles and Cuties are piled to the ceiling – let’s talk curd.

Specifically a Dream Pie made with orange curd. Continue »