“The Avial Master”

This blog post comes from Radha Rayasam whose blog Radha Rayasam’s Home Made Sumptuous Meals reflects Rhada’s skill in the kitchen: “I’m a self taught cook, and I’ve always received flattering complements from everybody.” Thanks for the great post Rhada!  Be sure to check out the rest of the Apron Strings contest submissions and rate them. The lucky winners will receive gift certificates to shop at Fiesta Farms.


My dad gave me the recipe for this dish. I still remember the whole event.

I was getting ready to leave to school. I was sixteen years old. I had several strict rules in the house, like I could not go anywhere after 6:00 PM, no make up whatsoever, and I had to be accompanied by a family member to all of my freinds’ houses. I realized at that point of time that the world was very cruel outside the home, and my parents were trying to protect their precious princess, their only daughter!

I was in 12th grade, dressed in my all white churidhar, white canvas shoes, white ribbons braided in my long, oiled hair, tied next to my ears and looking like eggplants! The other girls in my class refused to tie those ribbons and let their hair loose. Letting my hair down was a big no-no in my home. So I had to wear those horrendous ribbons. The boys in my class called me saamiyar (the holy one who had renounced all worldly pleasures) and the girls in my class laughed at my title. I never cared, I just was busy in my own world. I had a best friend, and we both would giggle and talk about the latest movie songs featured on TV. You guessed it, we were not allowed to go to the theater to watch movies! We went as a family to watch old ‘golden’ movies that were supposed to instill good character in us!
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Fish with Butter, Fingers and Simon

This latest Apron Strings guest post was written by Chef Anthony Rose. When Anthony’s not busy cooking up awesome events and his next big move he’s dad to his son Simon.

We don’t have a boat at our cottage right now and we haven’t for many many years. My Grandfather Simon Gottlieb was the last one I can ever remember with a boat up north that was tied to our dock. He was quite famous; everyone asked him where the best fishing holes were and he always told them. No secrets with that man.

He would wake me up super early on summer mornings to come fishing with him. The fishing was good but I always found it a little tedious. Probably because of my ADD, couldn’t sit still and fishing is very much a patience kind of thing.

I went with him mostly for the after effect, the scaling, gutting and frying. We would head back to the cottage and sit around a old table in the basement covered with newspapers. Mostly small mouth bass and lots of sunfish. He would teach me to scale, gut and clean the fish. We never took the pin bones out, just spat them out later.

Esther my Grandmother would fry them up in loads of butter and we would eat away. I never remember eating the fish with anything else other than butter, fingers and Simon.

Fried Perch on bread with Lemon and bacon


  • 6 perch filets boned
  • ¼ lb butter
  • 1lb bacon sliced
  • Loaf of crusty white bread
  • 2 lemons cut in wedges
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Sauté bacon on medium heat in pan until just a little crispy
  • Remove some, but not all of the bacon grease
  • Season the perch with salt and pepper
  • Melt some butter in the bacon pan with the bacon fat until frothy
  • Add the perch skin side down and cook 2 minutes and then flip to the other side for 2 minutes
  • Break open the bread, slather with some butter, add bacon, perch filets and squeeze some lemon.
  • Eat it up

Turkey Stuffing Surprise

Love this entry from Toby Collins revealing his dad’s culinary challenges. Have you entered the Apron Strings contest yet?


He’s probably be mad at me for bringing this up, but one Thanksgiving dinner he was in charge of preparing the turkey. I guess you can figure out what happened, everyone was horrified to discover he had left the whole bag consisting of gizzard and giblets…oh, yes, he did! LOL

Sunday Mornings with Dad

Lisa Waines submitted this familiar memory of Dad cooking Sunday Brunch for the Apron Strings Father’s Day Contest.Thanks Lisa!  Be sure to check out the rest of the Apron Strings contest submissions and rate them. The lucky winners will receive gift certificates to shop at Fiesta Farms.


My Dad loved to cook Sunday morning brunch. It usually consisted of waffles and/or pancakes, bacon, eggs, grated potatoes, onions, carrots fry up. Mom did most of the cooking but Sunday brunch was Dad’s event. So good and fun. He loved to make it and we would spend much time at the table after eating joking and laughing.

Now, whenever I need some cheering up, I cook what my Dad usually did on the Sunday mornings.
Thank you, Dad, for loving us up with good yummy Sunday brunch!!!

Memories I’ll Never Forget

Birthday cakes. Such a simple gesture with such profound impact. Thanks Janett for this important reminder as part of the Apron Strings contest. Have you entered yet? Be sure to check out the rest of the Apron Strings contest submissions and rate them. The lucky winners will receive gift certificates to shop at Fiesta Farms.

When I was younger my dad and I always cooked and baked together. my favourite thing we did together was baking birthday cakes. We made everyone in our family a birthday cake every year. We had our secret ingridients and ways of doing things. It was especially important to me because my dad was paralized from the arm pits down and even though it was difficult for him to use his hands he still taught me a incrediable gift that i use to this day. My dad passed away at home 2 days before chirstmas when I was 16.