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Fiesta Farms Is Pleased to Announce


Eby Manor Farms Guernsey Gold milk is coming to the store. Now if you think that milk is just milk, think again. In this story on the Eby Manor milk the Observer Extra notes that

“It’s been more than 40 years since customers have been able to buy pure Guernsey milk at the grocery store.”


“For decades, milk in Canada has been marketed as just that – milk. Eby said the industry’s marketing board has discouraged differentiation within the industry for decades in order to promote the sheer volume of sales.”

Here’s the story on this delicious, local milk that will now be available at Fiesta Farm.:

Eby Manor is a 3rd generation local family farm, owned by Jim, Ruth, Ben and Sheri, located in Waterloo County just north of Waterloo. All of Eby Manor’s Golden Guernsey milk is produced by 60 registered Guernsey cows, each with their own unique golden-fawn and white markings as well as their own unique personality. Continue »

Happy Holidays from Fiesta Gardens

cute snowman

Best Wishes to All, and a wonderful New Year.

“The gardening season officially begins on January 1st, and ends on December 31.”
– Marie Huston

Hope you have a chance to play in the snow soon.

Oh Canada! In Praise of the Sugar Maple

Green sugar maple leaves on the tree from underneath, in summer.

Look up, it’s Canada’s symbol, in its green summer glory.

Our national symbol, a leaf, says something about Canadians: We appreciate trees, and we’ve got a lot of them. In the case of the Sugar Maple, the emblem on our national flag, it’s a hard-working tree: it not only shades us, and its sap provides another symbol, a tasty one, maple syrup.
There are thirteen native maple trees in North America, but the Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) stands alone. It’s the harbinger of spring, when trees are tapped for syrup, and it’s the marker of the fiery end of the growing season, by lighting up with orange, red and gold.
How do you know a Sugar Maple when you see one? Every Canadian worth their salt should be able to identify it.

Continue »

Father’s Day Extravaganza

On Father’s Day, Fiesta Farms invited all the dads featured in our Apron Strings video series. We gathered at Camera on Queen West–a great space that has a real-live movie theatre. Everyone sat in the darkened theatre and watched our homage to Dads’ cooking.

Here are some photos and a video from that special day. Watch for Joe Virgona in the photos, Fiesta Farms’ owner, rarely captured on film. Click on the photo below to see the whole lot of them.