It’s Going To Get Better

2021 is off to a great start. Just kidding.

After the not so shocking events in America this week, and revelations about white supremacy groups in Canada, it’s been a non-stop emotional roller coaster of bad news, shocking mob scenes and traumatic evidence of deep-seated racism. Continue »

COVID-19 Update December

Following our protocol when feeling under the weather these days, three team members have tested positive for COVID-19.

The good news: The affected team members feel well. 

The bad news: To err on the side of caution and, frankly, to give our team a rest, we’re going to take Saturday, December 12th off for a deep clean. You can follow Butterfly Releases for more updates.

In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to let you know the team members test report and work dates:

  • One reported a positive test on December 9th (last worked: December 5th).
  • The second reported a positive test on December 11th (last worked: December 6th).
  • The third reported a positive test on December 11th (last worked: December 8th).

Per Toronto Public Health recommendations, anyone who spoke to the team members within 6 feet for 15 minutes has been notified, asked to isolate and get tested.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Closing on a Saturday during Hannukah🕎 wasn’t on our schedule. But, you know, pandemic 🦠. 

Thanks for your patience, and see you on Sunday, in the aisles.


COVID-19 Update, November.

Dear Fiesta folks.

What strange (and stressful) times.

The second wave that everyone knew was coming is here. Numbers are still edging in the wrong direction 📈. We’re facing a renewed lockdown. Vaccines seem to be on the horizon.

Simultaneously, while coping with the threat of COVID-19 since March, many of the habits we’ve grudgingly adopted are less panic-inducing. We did not expect to get used to wearing masks. 

In light of the Province’s new restrictions, we thought we’d share a few current considerations:

Grocery Store

  • 🕗 HOURS: 8-9 AM Monday-Saturday will continue to be reserved for customers who would be at higher risk if they were to contract the virus.  
  • 😷 Masks: Properly worn masks are required to enter both the grocery store and the garden centre. 
  • 🛍 Bags: Feel free to bring your own bags, but: please don’t use them to shop with. And please plan to parcel them yourselves. That was extra sad to write.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Crowd-control: Please try to shop in the smallest group possible. 

Garden Centre 

The Garden centre is COVID-19 business-as-usual, meaning:

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Crowd-control: Please try to shop in the smallest group possible. 
  • Masks 😷. 
  • Shop online: 🎄Christmas Trees🔥🪵 Firewood are available for delivery or curb side pickup.

Support Local

These are tough times for the independent businesses that contribute most to our economy, whose owners and employees spend money locally, and who help make our city the vibrant, dynamic place it usually is. You can check business news at insidemma.

While our hospitality industry, creators, producers, retailers, health practitioners and others are figuring out how to hold on, Jeff Bezos’ wealth has jumped by $90.1 billion, to $203.1 billion, between March and October.

And we don’t mean to single him out–most billionaires are doing well right now

We’ve all been doing some digital retail therapy. And of course, convenience is more than just a drug when you’re trying to reduce interactions during a pandemic.

But if you can, when you can, please try to support a local independent business. They need us now. And we need them to be here when this is over.

Thanks for ‘listening’. If you’re a customer, thanks for your patience. If you’re a frontline worker in any capacity, thank you for digging so deep.

See you in the aisles.

FF 🐓.

Labour Day!

Dear Fiestans,

We have a bit of news:

  • We’re closed Labour Day, Monday, September 7th, 2020
  • We’re extending our hours to 8 PM starting Tuesday, September 8th, 2020
  • Maintaining a dedicated hour in the AM

Labour is important. Labour laws are worth celebrating. Labour is responsible for the creation of many important conventions like weekends and 8-hour work-days.

Also, we’re tired and could use a rest. We hope you get some too.

If your Labour Day involves food, please pick it up prior. Happy Labour Day.

When we come back, thoroughly refreshed, we’ll have the energy to open just a bit later. Like, an hour later.

And we’ll continue to reserve the first hour of the day for customers who really can’t risk contracting COVID-19.

We’re not going to try and pretend that the pandemic isn’t affecting us all to varying degrees, directly and indirectly. Specific communities tragically disproportionately so. This week, Toronto numbers were on the rise. The school year is upon us. Working remotely has lost its novelty. Restaurants, retailers, and small businesses are suffering. The news from the south is distressing on the daily. Honestly, the litany of challenges this year continues to throw at us, surface, and dredge-up is documented well-enough in memes and the mainstream media alike.

We don’t need to dwell on it. But it feels disingenuous to pretend nothing’s wrong.

So here’s what we’re thinking. If you can afford it, maybe even more so if you can’t, we hope you get a minute (ideally more!) to let it all go this weekend. To forget the chaos and enjoy something simple. Some sun. A stroll. A conversation with someone about something that doesn’t make you angry, sad or scared. If you’re up to it, sure, try a new recipe. If you’re on a roll, eat on a restaurant patio or in a park.

Whatever you can manage, good luck. Stay safe. And see you in the aisles soon.



COVID-19 Update

Howdy, y’all.

It’s been a minute.

A lot has happened.

Not much has changed.

But we DO have some news about:

  1. Hours: Closed for the Civic Holiday Monday, August 3rd
  2. Eat Ontario: Bounty bordering on obscenity is upon us
  3. Bottle Drive: August 12th: Proceeds go to St. Clair Supports the Stop
  4. Plastic Bags: Tired | Reusable Bags: Wired

1. We’re taking a much needed and well-deserved day-off on Monday

Some of us will watch the Raptors play the Heat at 1:30PM. Or do nothing. Some of us will definitely do nothing. Some will hop on social media and wonder where the day went. Whatever, please plan ahead because we won’t be here.

2. Ontario bounty in full effect:

  • We’re talking veggies: Heirloom & field tomatoes🍅, peppers🌶, collards, kale🥬, swiss chard, beets, lettuce, beans, eggplants🍆, zucchini, patty pans, corn, bunch carrot🥕, green onions, bunch radishes, celery, dandelion, broccoli🥦, cauliflower and potatoes🥔–it’s all happening!
  • Fruit more you’re thing?: How do fresh Ontario peaches🍑, nectarines, yellow plums, strawberries🍓, apricots, cherries🍒, blueberries, wild-blueberries (the kind you don’t bring home to mother), raspberries, sugar baby melon, watermelon🍉, and cantaloupe sound🍈?

3. Another Bottle Drive: August 12th

Proceeds will continue to go to St. Clair Supports the Stop, the program that pays local restaurants to cook meals for neighbours in need, distributed through Wychwood Open Door.

Please bring items for the Bottle Drive to the designated area outside at the front of the store.

Thank you in advance for not bringing them inside!

4. Plastic bag news

Now that it seems like surfaces are less of a problem we’d like to resume protecting the planet.
Beginning after the long weekend, we’d like to welcome back reusable bags and bundle buggies, with caveats!:
  • Please don’t use your bag or cart for shopping, use a traditional shopping cart🛒 instead. (Shopping carts help maintain physical distancing, among other benefits)
  • Please expect to do your own bagging (Sorry!)


Thanks. Please stay safe. And see you in the aisles.