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It’s that time of the year again, time to vote. No, not for you-know-who… we’re talking about Now Magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice, your opportunity to vote for your favourite grocery store, and much more. Continue »

A Pie Chart of Canada

Recently Tenderflake conducted a survey to determine a few things about Canadians’ love of pie.  You know what Tenderflake is, right? It’s lard. Do you know what lard is? Simply put, it is rendered pig fat, and, as it turns out, it has been making a comeback for the last few years, both in high-end restaurants and bakeries. A few years ago Sasha Chapman wrote an excellent article for Toronto Life extolling the virtues of this misunderstood, and, to a certain extent, vilified fat. If you have a few minutes, you should definitely check out this fascinating piece, it will probably change the way you look at lard. Really.

So, get yourself some lard and let’s get down to what this post is really about; pie crust, pies sweet-and savory- and Canada’s love affair with them. Continue »

Holiday Food Survey Results

happy little gingerbread men

We were curious to find out what you like to make, bake and eat over the holidays so we sent out a survey on twitter last week. We got a huge response, you guys are really passionate about holiday food! Continue »

Brunch Survey

There is no place in the world like this city we live in, no place so outrageously passionate about a meal eaten only on the weekends.

We’re maniacal about brunch.

We want excessive amounts of various drinks brought to us the second we sit down. We want our food in front of us two seconds after we order it. The most popular meal of the week has us in tears if we have to wait for a table or a refill on our coffees. It’s a highly emotional time for customers, cooks and servers alike yet we jump into the fray week after week hoping to get through it unscathed.

There are certain dishes and drinks that have become de rigeur on the brunch menu – eggs benedict and caesars are a must. We wanted to see what makes brunch special for you, how do you like your eggs? Do you order orange juice or cranberry?

Well, the results are in and we certainly were surprised with some of them! Continue »

The Grilling Survey Results

We are enjoying the sunny days of summer and most of us are cooking every dinner outside. It’s that time of year to give the  kitchen stove a rest and spend some time with the beloved barbecue.

What’s your favourite condiment? What makes for the perfect barbecue party?

We asked, you answered and here are the lovingly compiled results. Continue »