The Panettone King of Toronto

“Panettone Joe” aka Joe Furfaro, Fiesta Farms Manager


We love Joe Furfaro. He’s been at Fiesta Farms since we opened our doors in 1989! And we love panettone. As we like to say – we are more Italian than the Italians when it comes to panettone. This year Joe has put together a selection of more than 160 panettones for you to try. One. Hundred. And. Sixty. That must be some kinda record. Henceforth Joe shall be known as The Panettone King of Toronto!

Read on for some interesting facts about this delicious Christmas cake? Or is it a bread? What the heck is panettone anyway?

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For The Love Of Crispy Golden Chicken


Who among us does not yearn for crispy golden deliciousness? And is there a meat more readily suited to this state than chicken? We think not. Let’s cook up some chicken. But let’s get outside the box and try some new recipes! Continue »

We Heart Jamaican Patties!


What comes to mind when you think of must have Toronto foods – the peameal sandwich at Carousel Bakery? The egg tarts at Nova Era, macarons from Nadége, roti from Pam’s? The list goes on. There’s a new taste in town and it’s time you added it to your list.

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The Easiest Dessert (No Chefs Required)

This spread looks delicious – and way too much work. Read on for an easy, no fuss dessert that will leave you speechless.


You’ll need booze, whipped cream and prunes. You are not going to believe the end result. Continue »

Kitchen Not-So-Confidential

Contributed by Louise Boultbee

Psssst…we’ve got something cooking!

It’s our newly revamped kitchen.

What’s our redesign focus? Connecting with a wide range of local chefs, kitchens and restaurants to bring you great quality and tasting food. We’re also interested in hearing from you. Feel free to be in touch with any ideas or products you think are exciting and we should know about.

Alrighty…let’s give you a little rundown.

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