The Easiest Dessert (No Chefs Required)

This spread looks delicious – and way too much work. Read on for an easy, no fuss dessert that will leave you speechless.


You’ll need booze, whipped cream and prunes. You are not going to believe the end result. Continue »

Turkey Time

Contributed by Chris Ciborowski (Fiesta’s Head Butcher) and Louise Boultbee

Tis the season for Turkey and we at Fiesta are standing by ready to be of service in making your Thanksgiving meal something delicious.

Fiesta Farms staff stand ready to take your turkey order

Okay – here’s the way it works.

Keeping it cold equals premium freshness.

Once packaged, turkeys are chilled using cold, fresh water. Ice crystals may even form on the surface of the turkey or the packaging as they go through this deep chilling process. Although it may appear as if the bird has been previously frozen, that is not the case. Fiesta Farm’s fresh turkeys are never frozen. Period.

Keep in mind – Turkeys are a natural product so sizes may vary. Our team in the Meat Department will do our best to cater to your needs with the sizes and options we have to offer.

So…let’s talk turkey – for real!

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Countdown To Feasting

October’s big feast is one week away. We’ve got your holiday menu inspiration here. Plus some great turkey-fied clips from the Muppets to the Simpsons and more.

Let’s go!

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A New Herb

Fresh coriander seeds


We’ve talked about it on the blog before but it bears repeating. Every summer your cilantro plant will begin to flower, and then bust out into fresh coriander seeds. And a whole new herb is born. One that is the greatest expression of flavour the plant or seed can offer up. Don’t agree? Let’s see what a world renowned expert of flavour has to say about it. Continue »

Don’t Forget The Corn Fritters


Corn is at its peak right now and it is imperative that we make the most of it. The abundance of sunshine and hearty rain showers this summer mean the corn crop is better than it’s ever been. Continue »