Turkey Time

Contributed by Chris Ciborowski (Fiesta’s Head Butcher) and Louise Boultbee

Tis the season for Turkey and we at Fiesta are standing by ready to be of service in making your Thanksgiving meal something delicious.

Fiesta Farms staff stand ready to take your turkey order

Okay – here’s the way it works.

Keeping it cold equals premium freshness.

Once packaged, turkeys are chilled using cold, fresh water. Ice crystals may even form on the surface of the turkey or the packaging as they go through this deep chilling process. Although it may appear as if the bird has been previously frozen, that is not the case. Fiesta Farm’s fresh turkeys are never frozen. Period.

Keep in mind – Turkeys are a natural product so sizes may vary. Our team in the Meat Department will do our best to cater to your needs with the sizes and options we have to offer.

So…let’s talk turkey – for real!

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A Case for Christmas Duck

Here is a whole post devoted to why you should roast a duck this Christmas. Nothing against turkey or brisket or ham – all of the large celebratory meats are welcome at the holidays. But this year we are keeping things tight; no big gatherings, the leaf will stay stowed in the dining room table – so why not try a littler critter for your roast beast?

The New York Times roast duck has a secret…


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Thanksgiving Redux

How do you downsize your Thanksgiving dinner without losing the spirit of the holiday? We want everyone to have a safe and COVID-free Thanksgiving, so we’ve got a roundup of unique and exciting recipes and tips to make a smaller harvest feast that will still be fit for your festive table.

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Canadian Migas Challenge

Got stale bread?

Inspired by the latest cooking video from the beloved chef José Andrés, and all the stale bread we’ve got happening in our kitchens, we got an idea. Will you bring us into your kitchen? Maybe you can start with migas! Continue »

Get The Most Out Of Your Prep, and Your Pantry


Now into the pot with you!


Reducing food waste has always been a paramount concern for us at Fiesta Farms, and recent events have made this more important than ever. Let’s look at a few ideas for shopping, preparing simple meals and using leftovers in interesting and delicious ways. Continue »