We Heart Jamaican Patties!


What comes to mind when you think of must have Toronto foods – the peameal sandwich at Carousel Bakery? The egg tarts at Nova Era, macarons from Nadége, roti from Pam’s? The list goes on. There’s a new taste in town and it’s time you added it to your list.

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Kitchen Not-So-Confidential

Contributed by Louise Boultbee

Psssst…we’ve got something cooking!

It’s our newly revamped kitchen.

What’s our redesign focus? Connecting with a wide range of local chefs, kitchens and restaurants to bring you great quality and tasting food. We’re also interested in hearing from you. Feel free to be in touch with any ideas or products you think are exciting and we should know about.

Alrighty…let’s give you a little rundown.

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Turkey Time

Contributed by Chris Ciborowski (Fiesta’s Head Butcher) and Louise Boultbee

Tis the season for Turkey and we at Fiesta are standing by ready to be of service in making your Thanksgiving meal something delicious.

Fiesta Farms staff stand ready to take your turkey order

Okay – here’s the way it works.

Keeping it cold equals premium freshness.

Once packaged, turkeys are chilled using cold, fresh water. Ice crystals may even form on the surface of the turkey or the packaging as they go through this deep chilling process. Although it may appear as if the bird has been previously frozen, that is not the case. Fiesta Farm’s fresh turkeys are never frozen. Period.

Keep in mind – Turkeys are a natural product so sizes may vary. Our team in the Meat Department will do our best to cater to your needs with the sizes and options we have to offer.

So…let’s talk turkey – for real!

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Let’s Talk About Food Waste


Food waste is a massive issue in the world right now, and the new web series “Half Full” tackles the problem head on.

“58% of food produced for Canadians is lost or wasted.” – Half Full

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We Heart Farmers


While we enjoy the bounty of beautiful tomatoes, corn, watermelon and so much more coming in from the fertile soil of this province we call home, it’s time to thank the farmers. Continue »