Viva Chouriço !


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We’re talking Portuguese chouriço, here, that wonderful cured and smoked sausage that is ubiquitous throughout that beautiful country. Continue »

We Like To Grill

Don’t let a good grilling day go to waste as we near the end of summer. Get as much lovely grilled flavour as you can before the leaves turn and everybody gets into braising and baking. Here are three of my favourite things to grill right now.




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Spring Rolls at Home


The next dish in our series is the spring roll, a super simple preparation – once you get the knack for rolling the rice paper! Spring rolls got their name from the fact that they are often a big part of Spring Festivals in Northern and Eastern China. They are now found in most parts of the world, with each region preparing them slightly differently, with ingredients ranging from shrimp and bean sprouts to chopped egg or ham, and sauces from fish sauce to soy to the preferred ketchup and hot mustard found in Mexico. Continue »

Wonton DIY

Shanghainese-style wonton


A wonton is a meat filled dumpling that is usually served in broth. It’s soothing comfort food that can be customized to your taste. Fill the dumpling with ground chicken or turkey, or make a vegetarian dumpling and load the broth up with bok choy and napa cabbage. Make a spicy pork broth brimming with fat noodles or a mild fish broth garnished with lots of lime and cilantro. The wontons themselves are so simple to prepare and when you make them from scratch you can be sure that only the best ingredients are used and that no MSG is added.  There are many versions of the wonton, each with slight variations depending on place of origin. Continue »

Kids in the Kitchen with Maia Filar – Getting Comfortable

Maia Filar is pas­sion­ate about giv­ing kids a proper foun­da­tion in culi­nary skills. In this, her fourth video in a series she talks about how to get your kids comfortable in the kitchen with following a recipe the whole way through.


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