Turkey Time

Contributed by Chris Ciborowski (Fiesta’s Head Butcher) and Louise Boultbee

Tis the season for Turkey and we at Fiesta are standing by ready to be of service in making your Thanksgiving meal something delicious.

Fiesta Farms staff stand ready to take your turkey order

Okay – here’s the way it works.

Keeping it cold equals premium freshness.

Once packaged, turkeys are chilled using cold, fresh water. Ice crystals may even form on the surface of the turkey or the packaging as they go through this deep chilling process. Although it may appear as if the bird has been previously frozen, that is not the case. Fiesta Farm’s fresh turkeys are never frozen. Period.

Keep in mind – Turkeys are a natural product so sizes may vary. Our team in the Meat Department will do our best to cater to your needs with the sizes and options we have to offer.

So…let’s talk turkey – for real!

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Let’s Talk About Food Waste


Food waste is a massive issue in the world right now, and the new web series “Half Full” tackles the problem head on.

“58% of food produced for Canadians is lost or wasted.” – Half Full

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Peaches are In!

Contributed by: Louise Boultbee

Nothing says summer like fresh peaches! It’s 25 years and counting that Walter Konik and his family have been supplying Fiesta with the finest sun-ripened Ontario plums, peaches and nectarines. In fact, right now we’re in full swing supply with the bounty of summer harvests from Walter’s farm and other Ontario growers.

Walter Konik - Ontario Peach Farmer

Walter Konik – Ontario Peach Farmer

Walter’s orchards aren’t open to the public, but knowing how much all of us in the Fiesta family are committed to local producers, we paid him a visit. We learned a lot and have shared the details of our conversation over two platforms, here on our blog and on our Instagram @fiestafarmsto.

Ready for a little ‘Stone Fruit Growing 101’?!

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How To Burn A Candle

An 18 hour citronella candle from Camping Survival.


It’s citronella season and you’re doing it wrong.

Luckily, we can help.

Do you want your flickering flames to be the envy of all who glimpse them? Do you want your candles to burn properly with a nice even melt and without turning black around the sides?


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Bloomin’ Onion Inspired Mushrooms


Chef Adrienne Cheatham’s free master class in mushrooms for Epicurious is a must see.


Everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms but kept forgetting to look into because the algorithm keeps distracting you with Garfield cartoons and vegan cupcake recipes. Now is the time for a deep dive into the endlessly fascinating world of mushrooms. Continue »