Our Proud Producers: Good Wheel Pizza


A young Toronto knifemaker couldn’t find a frozen pizza that was delicious enough to suit him, so he started making his own. Alex Commons experienced a sharp drop (pun intended) in business when the pandemic hit. The free time led to a pizza obsession. We’re excited to support the results of that obsession, and showcase another in Our Proud Producers series –  Good Wheel frozen pizzas, made by Alex and his brother Jordan. Continue »

Say It With (Local) Flowers


UPDATE: we can’t guarantee that we’ll have Floralora flowers left, but we have plenty of bouquets in-store today for Mother’s Day

We don’t often think of where our flowers come from – especially in the spring when we’re starved for fresh blooms and any kind of vibrant colour. But here at Fiesta we’re proud to carry Ontario blooms from Floralora Flowers. This stellar cut flower grower from Prince Edward County just delivered their first order of the season last week and it sold out in record time. Continue »

Wild Canadian Ingredients

Wild pawpaws grow in the Lake Erie and Niagara regions


This summer has seen a huge rise in home gardening and preserving, in large part due to all of us being stuck at home, but also because we’ve been forced to think about our food systems and how we source what we eat. It feels like we’re more connected to what we eat than ever before. To that end we wanted to send a shout out to one of our favourite suppliers of foraged wild Canadian ingredients. Continue »

Snack Plating for the Holiday Week



Ah, the week between Christmas and New Years, you just don’t feel like cooking, especially after a high-powered holiday.There are only a few times of year when the fridge is as overflowing as it will be over the next few days. Magazines are filled with tips for using up all that turkey. Recipes for turkey hash, turkey soup, turkey a la king…We prefer a simpler approach and just use whatever is already on hand to throw together a snack plate. Continue »

Sad News

As a rule, we tend to keep our politics to ourselves. People are entitled to different opinions and world views. Diverse perspectives are as important to what makes Toronto special as diverse cultural backgrounds are. We try to make more and better options available to people through the store.But occasionally, like when an issue hits close to home, we need to take direct action.

This is one of those times.

As recently reported in the Toronto Star, Fiera Foods, the company that supplied us with croissants until recently, was the site of a tragic workplace accident. The matter is currently under investigation (by Ontario’s Ministry of Labour), but a 57-year-old father of two died. And tragic accidents happen, but this is the fifth one at Fiera Foods or one of its affiliates since 1999.

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We understand that for many, often newcomers, businesses like Fiera Foods offer a lifeline. A barrier-free entry-point into the workforce.

We understand that temporary work can be a mixed blessing.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to choose who they work with.

In this case, we feel we can’t afford not to.

We’re currently negotiating with new vendors.

We hope you’ll be open to trying a new croissant in the coming weeks.

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