This Week is Organic




Tomorrow, September 16, marks the beginning of Organic Week. All over the country, from Saturday until next Sunday the 24th, Canadians will be celebrating organic products, food and farming practices by attending workshops, touring organic farms and participating in an array of activities that focus on sharing the organic mantra. Are you in?

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Bob’s Red Mill




Last month Fiesta Farms was graced with a visit by a true celebrity! None other than Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods  was in our store, talking to customers, answering questions and discussing all things great and small regarding his company and the vast array of products they offer. Yes, Bob himself, the character on all those packages is a real person, and there he was in our store! Continue »

Love Grows where My Rosemary Goes


Rosemary in full bloom

Rosemary in full bloom


I’m a lucky fella, and I’ve just got to tell her
That I love her endlessly
Because love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me-  
Edison Lighthouse

If you love rosemary the way Edison Lighthouse does, we understand. They were talking about the herb right? This perennial evergreen, a member of the mint family, is one of those gifts that keeps on giving throughout the year, it’s aromatic leaves appearing in foods both savoury and sweet. And this summer’s hot dry conditions are perfect for rosemary; native to the Mediterranean, it thrives in these conditions, growing into a full, bushy shrub reaching a height of over six feet. It is lovely to look at too, making a wonderful addition to your summer gardens, its unmistakable scent noticeable when you walk by. Though it won’t survive our cold winters outdoors, Sarah Battersby tells us how to keep it thriving during the winter, making this wonderful plant an herb for all seasons.

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Finally – Instant Ramen That’s Actually Good



Instant ramen is a meal that you can put in your purse or backpack, eat at your desk or in between classes, a quick dish that is ready in two minutes. Unfortunately it is also full of sodium and msg.

When you get a craving for a bowl of instant noodles try Lotus Foods’ Rice Ramen. The trick is trying to balance good sense, good taste and good nutrition with the magic and convenience of a three minute meal – Lotus Foods does exactly that. These single serving portioned packages of rice noodles are made with non-GMO ingredients, they are gluten-free so are suitable for gluten intolerant individuals, they are made with organic ingredients where possible, they are low-fat, vegan, and have waaaay less salt than regular instant ramen. Continue »

Crofter’s Jam

“Jam isn’t complicated; it’s not going to change the world in any big way. By operating a sustainable business – a business that can be sustained environmentally, and by workers, consumers and a profitable bottom line – we can impact the world in many small but measurable ways”.-Crofters




I had to start this post of with this little “credo” from the Crofter’s website. It really explains a lot, especially for those of us who believe that it’s the little things that count. Could you save a few pennies and buy another brand of jam, let’s say a company that is a household name, in every household in the western world? Of course you could. And if that is your thing, go for it; the jam will be a “serviceable villain”, fine for a slapdash PB&J sandwich, but seriously, can you possibly imagine talking to a friend about how delicious it is? About where the fruit is grown? How it was harvested? Who made it? Do the people that make it even care about these things? The answers to these questions, respectively, are “Are you kidding”,  “I have no idea” “Who cares?”  “Some sad, factory drudge” and “I seriously doubt it.” Continue »