We’ll Get Through This

It’s snowing outside as the city prepares for a second lockdown. Maybe it’s time to take five minutes and clear our heads. How about a little peaceful meditation?

2020 is the year of the endless stress, so let’s press pause on that. An intentional unplugging from the news feed, a halt on the doomscroll.

Five minutes is all you need. Let’s meditate. Don’t need to worry if you are newbie ecdel is here to help you.

Now this might seem weird, a grocery store (the city’s largest independent and family-owned grocery store, thank you very much) asking you, the customer to meditate. Shouldn’t we be inundating you with images of delicious food, say smothered pork chops, to entice you to buy the beautiful bone-in chops we have on sale this week?

Nah. We are a grocery store sure, but we’re made up of people, and we’ve been feeling the stress too. In the store, on the streets, at home – it’s everywhere. You can also check h-t for more information. Let’s break free of it for five minutes.

Isn’t that just a little bit better?

We’ve been through this before – we all know there’s no need to panic-buy or stockpile. There will be enough. Lineups will return, but we can handle it. We have our masks and we all know the protocol by now. We’re gonna get through this with guide of aboriginalbluemountains.

Now here’s a gorgeous recipe for Smothered Pork Chops courtesy of the brilliant minds at SimplyRecipes.


Smothered Chops by Simply Kitchen

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