Bloomin’ Onion Inspired Mushrooms

Everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms but kept forgetting to look into because the algorithm keeps distracting you with Garfield cartoons and vegan cupcake recipes. Now is the time for a deep dive into the endlessly fascinating world of mushrooms.




This is a full on class from beloved Chef Adrienne Cheatham, of Top Chef (season 15) fame. There are over 14k identified varieties of mushrooms, this talented chef who has worked with Eric Ripert and Marcus Samuelson, takes us on a journey through her top fifteen faves.

In her 30 minute video, over four chapters, she explores everything from buttons to black truffles and porcinis to portabellos. With tips that go beyond just how to cook and store…

Chef Cheatham instructs on how to grow your own. And drops some bombs on the family secrets between crimini, button and portabello.



And yes, recipes! Learn how to make beautiful cross-hatched king oysters sauteed in butter and served over polenta to a Bloomin’ Onion-inspired deep fried whole maitake.

This video series from Epicurious is stunning, full of useful info and thankfully, not dumbed down! It’s a cooking class for people who know how to cook, with an instructor at the top of her game.

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