Be Excellent To Each Other

We know you know how to behave. But everyone’s excited and the sun is shining and PATIOS ARE FINALLY OPEN and maybe it all goes to our heads and we turn into maniacs. So here are a few things to consider before you let loose on the streets as the province reopens this weekend.

Toronto has been under the longest lockdown in North America. A few months ago the rankings read

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Toronto
  3. New York

That was then. This is now. While LA and NYC have been open for weeks (LA reopened bars on May 5th – swoon), Torontonians have been (im)patiently waiting for our chance to walk into a store and buy a thing, to sit on a patio and sip a cocktail we didn’t make ourselves, and to generally experience a taste of freedom from our own four walls.

Now is our time. It’s a small start, but if we handle this right, nail salons are next, and gyms and who knows? Maybe someday we’ll be able to live our lives like it’s 2019.

Here are a few general things to keep in mind before you venture forth into the world this weekend.

  1. masks are still a thing
  2. second doses are happening but they haven’t hit the under 60 crowd yet
  3. small businesses are doing their best, but a lot of them aren’t fully staffed
  4. lineups and delays are to be expected, practice a zen mindset
  5. if you’re in a situation that calls for a tip – TIP and be as generous as you can

Many of the people around you; on the highway, at the park, on the sidewalk, or in the lineup at the mall, have been through hell this year. They may have lost loved ones, or lost their jobs, or simply lost a previously unshakeable peace of mind. Remember that. We have all been through the most insane experience of our lives – let’s be extra patient.

Enjoy the sunshine, stay safe and, in the words of Bill & Ted, “Be excellent to each other!”

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