We sell things people need. Food, beverages, cleaning supplies. But most Fiesta customers get more from their visits than a ticked off shopping list. They get a chance to vote for what matters to them with their dollars.

Over time, we’ve developed relationships with a range of folks for whom food matters on personal, political, cultural, artistic and artisanal levels. And we’re good with that.

We’re a family-run business in a progressive, multicultural city centre and we partner with producers to stock what people are interested in buying.

What are people interested in buying these days?

People are buying stuff that was produced and or created in Ontario. But also those unique reminders of where we came from. They’re buying organic. They’re buying new and old fashioned cuts of meats, and indeed, meat products you’d expect to find at specialty shops. They’re buying innovative offerings from local entrepreneurs and they’re buying more eco-friendly cleaning products.

People also buy less healthy nostalgic favourites, and the staples they need to run their lives. We stock the brands you’ll find at supermarket chains, but we also make it easier to make better choices in every aisle and on every shelf.

We do this by partnering with Organizations like Local Food Plus. We’re committed to stocking a range of LFP Certified Local Sustainable items and letting our customers know about them because we believe in building community and local sustainable food systems, and that LFP can make it easier to do.

We do it by partnering with important organizations like The Stop and The New Farm on our Grow for The Stop initiative.

We do it by supporting entrepreneurs because evolution and innovation are as important Food Matters as history and culture.

And we’re going to keep on finding ways to help you celebrate the many ways in which food matters to us all.