Bottle Drive!

Good news for a change.

We’re ready to take back all those bottles you’ve been hoarding.


  • Review the list of bottles we’re accepting
  • Clean them
  • Drop them off on Sunday, July 12th, behind the store
  • Receive your deposit or leave it as a donation in support of St. Clair Supports The Stop!

Led by local business Cocoa Latte, the program raises money for St. Clair chefs and stores who prepare hundreds of healthy, wholesome takeout meals for The Stop’s Wychwood Open Doors— a drop-in centre that works with neighbours experiencing issues like homelessness.

It’s a win/win/win (a theme lately). Count ’em:

  1. Get back your space
  2. Support local businesses
  3. Help neighbours most deeply impacted by COVID-19


Summer Kitchen Inspo


Everything delicious is coming into season this month, so we thought we’d take a minute and post a round up of recipes and tips to get us all prepared for the bounty. Plums, strawberries, tender young lettuce and ripe cherries. The most exciting time of the year, and one that will find a lot of us vacationing in place, means making preserves, perfecting pie crust and getting the most out of all those damn plums, all seem feasible, and dare we say, even fun? Continue »

COVID–19 Update

Dear folks, 

It’s time for an update. Today we’ll cover:

  • Canada Day Hours (Spoiler alert: Closed)
  • New Store + Garden Centre Hours 
  • Masks 

Canada Day Hours

We’ll be closed for some much-needed rest tomorrow. We hope you get a break too!

New Hours

Beginning Thursday, July 2nd:

  • The grocery store will stay open an hour later, to 7 pm.
  • The garden centre will drop our early dedicated hour now that we’re well into the season and the line has disappeared. Come by between 9-6 pm.  

Masks 😷

Boy, has this topic blown up.

We’d like to publicly thank the staunch anti-maskers who have shared their perspective with us so patiently over the last few weeks. There aren’t many of you, but you’re a dedicated bunch. We’re sorry we haven’t been able to accommodate you, we wish you well, and we hope to see you again when the pandemic is under control. 

We’ll need to continue to mandate masks for the next while on top of our social distancing and disinfection efforts. Thanks for your continued patience, support, and of course, patronage. 

If you want to do some mask reading, here are a few articles:

Thanks, and see you all either online or in the aisles.

Consider The Food System


We’re in a pandemic and we’re all waiting for it to be over. We want to get back to work, get back to grocery shopping with naked faces, meet our friends on patios and toast the death of COVID-19. But, in our impatience for quarantine measures to lift we might take a moment and consider what’s really happening right now. This virus is exposing a lot of things that have always existed but not always been questioned, or at least not as strongly as they are being questioned now. A new vegan cookbook offers great recipes, and some real food for thought. Continue »

Juneteenth: A Primer

One of many peaceful protests that took place in Toronto this month. More are planned for this weekend. Photo: Blog TO

We are a grocery store. We feed people. We often delve into the history of recipes and ingredients here on the blog. And we post a lot of recipes! But writing about recipes seems trite at a time like this, so we thought we’d take a look at some history that speaks to the cultural moment we are all living in.

With current events all of us are coming to a greater understanding of the Black people in our community and around the world who live lives that appear much like our own on the surface, but in actuality are a very different reality to the experiences that so many of us take for granted.

The more we learn, the better friends, neighbours and allies we can be. To that end, here is a primer about Juneteenth.

Continue »