What is sustainable seafood?

bargain shark steaks at Metro fish counter

bargain shark steaks at Metro fish counter - pic by Ivy Knight

Sustainable Seafood

According to “Bottomfeeder” author ,Taras Grescoe the pollution, ridiculously harmful fishing methods and our insatiable appetite for frozen fish sticks are joining together for a big showstopper in 2048. He writes, “A paper in the esteemed journal Nature reports that 90 percent of the population of top-level predators -among them tuna, sharks, marlin and swordfish- have already been caught. A team of ecologists makes headlines worldwide by predicting that, at their current rate of exploitation, all major fish stocks will collapse within our lifetimes; the world, in other words, will run out wild seafood by the year 2048.”

The ocean floor is a war zone where the free for all is resulting in possible extinction for some species. How do you know what fish and shellfish population is being sustainably maintained and managed? There are no quick, easy answers but there are some guidelines to follow. Ocean Wise and Sea Choice are two organizations that have the most up to date infomation on sustainable choices when it comes to fish for dinner. They not only look at overfishing but also focus on the harm caused by habitat damage and bycatch.

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