Carpool to Fiesta Farms

Catching a ride or carpooling someone to Fiesta Farms is a great way to get to Toronto’s best grocery store. It’s more fun and reduces your environmental impact. We’ve set up a Fiesta Farms group on Pickup Pal so folks who want to ride together can find each other.

Here’s how to get started:

  • If it’s your first time, go to the Pickup Pal website to register
  • Then, either search for the Fiesta Farms group or click here
  • Join the Fiesta Farms group
  • Click Add your Next Trip and input your trip and return trip information
  • Specify the time you’re leaving or are available to leave in the comments box
  • You will receive any replies directly in your email
  • Bookmark this page and check in anytime you plan to come shopping

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