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Calluses Are A Good Thing When Rooting Houseplants

african violet plant

Any leaf with a bit of stalk (petiole) attached will form a new plant, after callusing.

I think it’s always worth it try to root a house plant cutting. Even though winter isn’t the ideal time, it can still be done. As Helen Lewis, of Mastering Horticulture says: “Plants are super-organisms.  Given the right environment most plant tissues can regenerate into new plants.” When I break off a piece of a geranium (Pelargonium), either by pruning or by accident I hate to throw out those sources of potential new plants. (It’s the thrifty in me.) To give a fresh cutting its best start you need to do something counter-intuitive to get it started: letting it dry out. Not the leaves, but the cut end of the stem.

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