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Romesco, The Well Tempered Accompaniment

A classic romesco from Simply Recipes

A classic romesco from Simply Recipes


Romesco sauce has its origins in Catalonia, Spain, first used by the fishermen of Tarragonia to accompany their daily catch. The wonderful thing about romesco is that it highlights flavour profiles of a particular main, allowing the distinctive character of the “star” to shine, without overpowering it.  In this way, romesco is to main courses what Coenraad V Bos, the great piano accompanist was to sopranos. Bos, who titled his autobiography, “The Well-Tempered Accompanist.” knew his role as the perfect partner. Continue »

Invasion of the Summer Peaches

This is the time of year when Ontario’s peach trees are heavy with juicy, succulent fruit that is being picked as fast as can be to be piled into baskets and trucked to the city markets for us to buy.

One of the best uses for really ripe peaches, especially those that are bruised is to puree them up with some juice and make ice pops.

Even better, puree them with a little vanilla ice cream and make peach creamsicles. Or don’t freeze them at all and have peach milkshakes. Continue »

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

an almond tree

Almonds may be one of the most versatile and delicious superfoods around. In fact, they are so good it is possible you have just regarded this cat-eyed beauty as a nice little snack, a topping for a sundae or a key ingredient in your favorite chocolate bar. But the fact is they have a multitude of uses, and come in various forms; right out of the shell, roasted, ground into gluten free flour, made into almond milk, or harvested for their delicate and flavourful oil. Continue »