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In Memoriam

photo by Joanna Dickins

This has been a hard week for the food and restaurant world. Toronto’s restaurant community recently lost beloved chef Dan DeMatteis, former chef de cuisine at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar and current chef de cuisine with Brad Long at Cafe Belong. Only in his thirties, Dan was a chef of the new school, he was a kind and gentle guy who inspired love and respect from his peers. Dan will be sorely missed on this city’s dining scene.

A memorial service will be held at the Evergreen Brickworks for Dan this evening, catered by Cafe Belong it will be an opportunity for those who knew Dan to come together to remember him.

Food Network chef Anthony Sedlak also passed away this weekend. The young chef was only twenty-nine years old but had already made his mark on the country’s culinary conciousness. His show “The Main” ran for four seasons and spawned a bestselling cookbook, of the same name, of elegant comfort food recipes. His latest show, “Family Cook Off” saw him in the role of judge in a fun, family friendly cooking challenge format. Sedlak had recently signed on to re-invent the menus at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites.

It is a hard thing to come to terms with the loss of these two talented young men, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and colleagues of each.