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Apron Strings Guest Bloggers


We are always thrilled to have guests blog on the site; they bring fresh ideas and perspectives, they help to keep us all up to date on the many exciting activities relevant to our community, and introduce us to the people that keep our city connected and moving forward in a positive way. Through story-telling, news sharing and the exchange of information, our guests offer us a chance to learn, explore, and meet new friends.

As we have just celebrated Father’s Day, this month we are focusing on Dads and how they’ve enriched our lives. Our guest contributors this week/month are a typical cross-section of our community, and share the experiences they have had with their Dads that have nourished both body and soul:

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Apron Strings 2013

Just in time for Father’s Day we are ready to unveil this year’s collection of Apron Strings videos. This project is Hypenotic‘s baby and each year she infuses it with the fun, energy and excitement she feels about cooking and sharing recipes with family members through the generations.

“This year instead of focusing on the recipes we’re focusing on family relationships and the way food plays a role in connecting people. These are three beautiful and totally unique stories about fathers and their families and the role food plays in their histories and lives.” – Jodi Lastman

Here they are! Enjoy and make sure you get into the kitchen with your dad soon.

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Make Your Dad A Star

It’s back! Apron Strings is our super fun annual video series that takes you into the kitchens of real home cooks to learn how they make their favourite family recipes and it is back for another year. But this time we’re looking for dads, uncles, grandpas…We know they can do more than barbecue steaks or fry up some eggs. Check out the information below and fill in the contest form by clicking here and enter your dad today

Remember, you need to fill in the form to be officially entered to be a star! Now go ahead, and fill it in!

A Motherly Food Intervention

I was pretty young when I started to realize that my family didn’t eat quite like everybody else’s. I was 10 years old and we were spending the summer in upstate New York traveling with Circus Flora (I’ll save that story for another blog post) when we happened on an Italian restaurant. Hurray! I’d be able to have my favorite meal at the time, fried calamari on top of Caesar salad. But when I ordered it, the blond waitress cocked her head and looked at me real confused. “Sorry Sweetie, we’ve only got red and white house wine here.” Bummer.

My childhood consisted of a lot of moments like these. Requests to my parents for popular snacks foods, like Cup of Noodle soup, were met with good intentions but somehow I always ended up with Knorr Bacon and Corn instead of the chicken flavor everyone else had. And hell hath no fury like a scorned 5th grader. Sitting at my desk, tears in my eyes, I was wishing death upon my father for the inedible Genoa salami, tapenade and sriracha sandwich I had to force down. Couldn’t he have just made pb & j? But the way my parents saw it, being ordinary when it came to food was the worst sin one could commit. Continue »