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Halloumi For Spring




Picture that typical Greek restaurant scene – the server brings a flaming pan to the table, douses the flames with a squirt of lemon and sets the saganaki before the guests while shouting “Opa!” When is the last time you had yourself some delicious fried cheese? Continue »

All Hail Ontario Asparagus!

The sight locally grown of asparagus in our grocery stores is a sure sign that the growing season is well under way. No longer do we have to settle for -or avoid- droopy forlorn stalks trucked in from Mexico and California, the recent excellent weather means we can feast on this perennial favourite harvested nearby only a day or two ago. Continue »

Give Peas A Chance For Meat-Free Monday

Many of us of a certain age were brought up with canned vegetables. In the pantry sat can stacked on can of various veggies, from creamed corn to something called “niblets” to canned peas. Perhaps canned vegetables were popular because the can represented modern technology, could be stored at room temperature and locked away in a subterranean bunker while the family waited out a little black rain. Continue »