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Best Pairing: Ontario Corn & Chardonnay



Corn on the cob. Those four words are full of magic for most of us, redolent of summer camp, picnics and bonfires at the beach, and we here in Ontario are lucky to have an abundance of at least three delicious varieties available to us for most of the summer and fall. We’re also lucky to have incredible chardonnay producers in this province. Nothing goes better with corn on the cob than a chilled glass of crisp chardonnay.

In Ontario we grow yellow, yellow and white-sometimes known as peaches and cream- and white corn among the dozens of varieties, available from July to October, and each has their own unique flavour profiles and varying levels of sweetness.  Continue »

Thanks for Voting!




Hey Toronto,

Thanks for voting for Fiesta Farms in the annual NOW’s Best of Toronto for 2013. Because of you we came first in two categories and are runners up in a third!

We love this city and we love our customers. We know our customers are engaged and informed about where there food comes from, which is why we sell so many local items and have a partnership with Local Food Plus. Continue »

A New Breed of Apple

With temperatures stubbornly refusing to drop, it is difficult to believe that it is the middle of November. For a great many of us, fall means Thanksgiving, a bountiful harvest, the scent of a barrel of apples in the cellar.

Apples are to fall what fiddleheads are to spring. There are so many varieties available, and so many regions around Canada produce such great yields that our cuisine, especially in this season, prominently showcases this storied fruit. Continue »

Sufferin’ Succotash

Lima beans have been a part of our diet for a few years now, about 4,000 years actually, so it is no surprise to see this wonderful legume popping up more and more these days, especially with the recent emphasis on low-fat and gluten-free foods.

It is always interesting to note how trade, commerce and imperialism have influenced the diets of peoples around the world, and Lima beans are no exception. This stalwart little bean was a staple of the people of South America for eons, domesticated by the Andeans long before they were cultivated for use in Europe and North America. Continue »