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Salads Don’t Suck!

Ham & Cheese Layered Salad

Ham & Cheese Layered Salad

The old trope is that salad is no fun, it’s boring, it’s good for you – blech! Well, it’s about time you stop being a Neanderthal because summer is almost here and it’s the ideal time to get more salad in your life.

We’ve got a bunch of fun, new salad recipes to share with you. First off, let’s get all retro with layered salads, they look beautiful and can be done with fruit or vegetables. Just look at this layered salad with ham and cheese! It’s like a sandwich without the bread. We also love Southern Living’s layered Cornbread & Turkey Salad with Buttermilk dressing. Now those are some salads that don’t suck! Continue »

That Greasy Paper Towel From Breakfast Is About To Become Your New Best Friend

Don't throw out that paper towel!

Don’t throw out that paper towel!



The next time you’re draining the breakfast bacon be sure to save that greasy paper towel. Here’s a tip that will reduce waste and save you money. Bacon – the gift that keeps on giving! Continue »

Holiday Recipes from Top Chef Canada – Spinach

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You have to eat a green thing, so why not smother it in cream, parmesan and bacon? This recipe is sure to be the most popular dish on the table this holiday season. Here is the next in our series of delicious holiday dishes from the incredibly talented René Rodriguez, the Top Chef Canada season 4 winner. Continue »

Poached Eggs On Everything

To put poached eggs on everything you first need to learn how to perfectly poach an egg and the best way to learn is through practice.

Get your water simmering, you want a little movement in the water but not a bubbling, boiling inferno.

Make sure the water is salted and a teaspoon of vinegar has been added. If you need more than four eggs, poach in batches to ensure best results. With a spoon stir the water so that it is swirling in one direction around the pot. The swirl is what helps to hold the whites to the yolk as they cook and set. Continue »